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We hired Anton for some freelance design work at Fjord and were thrilled with the results. Not only was he very responsive during the project briefing and negotiation process, he also was very flexible to our demanding project start time and schedule.

Once the work was under way, we realized Anton is extremely creative with a high-standard for what he produces. His design aesthetic is sophisticated and it's obvious he sincerely cares about going the extra mile for his clients.



Anton Sten, a UI/UX designer based in Malmo, Sweden.

  • Regardless of your business size, my work aims to get the most out of your digital offerings, be it a website or an app. My experience and education has allowed me to know how your customers think, and more importantly, how their fingers think. Why they click, sometimes swipe; why they lose interest here, and gain momentum there.

  • I take a strategic and experiential approach to design. I make sure all the elements of your brand work together instead of competing for attention, like middle children. A mix of good looks, sharp wit and intuition. The digital components of your brand, that is. Not me.

  • I sometimes work with students from Hyper Island where I received my design education and a penchant for simplicity.

    Among other things, I appreciate the company of my dog, Meta. She’s a big part of my life, hanging around while I work. Sometimes when she deletes things I take it as a sign.

I make small changes that have a big impact, ensuring things not only look great, but work the way they should, too

Talk to me about a potential project, invite me for a coffee or ask me about my favorite song. I love e-mail.

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If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.

It’s the hard that makes it great.