When designing an interface it’s important to remember that you’re creating a future experience.

That’s why when I work with businesses my focus is on ensuring their website not only looks great, but functions well. My attention is on the details that give customers what they want and keep them coming back for more.

To me, that’s just common sense. And that’s what I’m about.

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Selection of clients


I had the pleasure of working with Anton on one of our highest priority projects. He was able to quickly familiarize himself with the challenges at hand and produced conceptual UX designs that not only met the demands, but even exceeded expectations.

Anton has been a great co-creator with both a positive attitude and openness for feedback, as well as able to get the job done on time.


Telia Sonera
Schildts Söderströms

We hired Anton for some freelance design work at Fjord and were thrilled with the results. Not only was he very responsive during the project briefing and negotiation process, he also was very flexible to our demanding project start time and schedule.

Once the work was under way, we realized Anton is extremely creative with a high-standard for what he produces. His design aesthetic is quite sophisticated and it's obvious he sincerely cares about going the extra mile for his clients.

We look forward to collaborating with Anton again in the future!

Jamie Collinsworth, FJORD

Bjorn Borg

We worked with Anton in 2013. Findababysitter.com went through a huge redesign as part of a mobile initiative for the business and migrate the site to a responsive design and optimise user journeys for mobile users.

Anton was provided with wireframes and journey documents and got to work. He followed the brief but was not afraid to voice his opinion and advise where he felt things could be improved. The project was extremely well managed with clear milestones which eliminated scope creep. The result was an extremely clean and smart interface which has been great for our business.

The entire project was run remotely between our London office, Bulgaria office and Anton. We still marvel at the fact that we never spoke to one of the most important people of the overall project. Everything was communicated over email and Skype chat with zero dramas, exactly how we like it.

On top of all of that Anton is clearly ahead of the game when it comes to UX, Interface design and being a total professional.

Beware of friendly Swedish User Interface Designers who come equipped with positive open attitudes and sharp clean design principles. They are usually right, just nod and agree.



Anton Sten, a UI/UX designer based in Malmo, Sweden.

Regardless of your business size, my work aims to get the most out of your digital offerings, be it a website or an app. My experience and education has allowed me to know how your customers think, and more importantly, how their fingers think. Why they click, sometimes swipe; why they lose interest here, and gain momentum there.

I take a strategic and experiential approach to design. I make sure all the elements of your brand work together instead of competing for attention, like middle children. A mix of good looks, sharp wit and intuition. The digital components of your brand, that is. Not me.

I sometimes work with students from Hyper Island where I received my design education and a penchant for simplicity. Among other things, I appreciate the company of my dog, Meta. She’s a big part of my life, hanging around while I work. Sometimes when she deletes things I take it as a sign.

I make small changes that have a big impact, ensuring things not only look great, but work the way they should, too.

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  • Product strategy
  • Digital Media strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)


  • Creative Direction incl. Branding,
  • Visual Identities and Concepts
  • Art Direction
  • Wireframes
  • User interfaces (UI)


  • Lectures
  • Education


  • Responsive websites
  • Mobile applications (iOS & Android)
  • SaaS applications/sites


I know what I’m good at and what other people are better at. That’s why I work with a network of developers, illustrators, animators, photographers and copywriters. Together, we’ll give you the best result possible


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